How NOT to carry your school bag and some top tips of how to.

Backpacks should be worn on both shoulders and straps should be tightened to create a snug fit.
Pack the heaviest items closest to your back.
Encourage your child to pack their school bag each night with only what is needed for the next day.
Check your child’s bag to ensure nothing unnecessary is being carried and periodically weigh it to check that it is not more than 15% of their bodyweight.
Encourage your child to use a school locker and so avoid carrying a bag when it is not necessary.
Avoid attaching heavy accessories to a bag.
It is ideal if both arms are kept free, so that they can naturally swing forward and back as you walk. If there are occasions when your child cannot fit everything into a bag, encourage them to keep themselves balanced by carrying something either in their arms and close to their body, or distributed evenly between both hands