What is Pilates?

“Change happens through movement and
movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact method of training designed to engage the mind and body. The practice was created to help improve strength, mobility and posture with a particular focus on core postural muscles to improve your overall fitness and well-being.

What to expect?

Find your flow with Pilates

Pilates was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates as a way to develop his
own fitness and health. He started using his method for rehabilitation of
injured war veterans, then set up a studio in New York and it began to gain
popularity especially among famous dancers.  Now it is taught worldwide and
its popularity continues to grow.

Pilates is a gentle but effective method of exercise which focuses on core
control, posture, breath, balance and precise movements of the spine and
body.  Pilates teaches you a new way to engage and control your body, this
enhances the connection between body and mind and will change the way you
think about and move your body.

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What are the benefits?

Improve your heath and wellbeing with Pilates

Pilates is excellent for rehabilitation, improving flexibility, mobility,
strength and posture and a safe way to get back into exercise after injury.
It will also provide benefits in addition to an exercise or training plan,
and many high level athletes and dancers use Pilates to aid their sports
performance and reduce their risk of injury.

One to one Pilates from on osteopath ensures that the program will be
tailored to exactly what you need and that the movements will be done
correctly, safely and be beneficial alongside any osteopathic treatment,
pain or injury that you might be working with.  Because of this it is
suitable for all ages and abilities.

Zoë’s background as a professional ballet dancer and her experience as osteopath means that she can tailor your Pilates session to fit your requirements, whether that is just a understanding of Pilates so you can confidently join a local class or work specifically with an injury and help you recover and rehab.

Pilates can also be beneficial during pregnancy and to aid with post natal

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Some kind words from our patients

“I love my sessions with Zoe. It’s made such a huge difference to my hips and back - thank you!”


“Zoe is a superstar - highly highly recommend her - she is so knowledgable but makes the Pilates sessions fun! I’ve gone from permanent pain to very little pain.”


“Zoe is AMAZING! I'm so grateful for all her help!! 😊”


“Amazing, what a difference to the way I feel after marathon training, Could not have done my 1st London Marathon without Robbie.”

Liz Tenant

“I have been treated by both Amos and Robbie, and I cannot speak highly enough of their competence and professionalism!”

Dorothy Hartley