What is Sports Massage?

Aid recovery, promote healing
and reduce the risk of injury

Sports massage promotes the prevention and healing of injuries in muscles and tendons through soft tissue manipulation.

What is Sports Massage?

Correct imbalances in soft tissue

Like Osteopaths, A Sports Massage is a hands-on approach when treating a patient, it focusing on a specific problem area or injury which can include muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Using tension, movement and pressure to manipulate and relieve stress in the muscle, connective tissue or fascia they can correct problems and imbalances in soft tissue that may cause chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

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What are the benefits?

Find relief with Sports Massage

Sports Massage can provide relief for people of all ages experiencing tightness, stiffness, reduced range of movement, tension headaches and much more.

Regularly scheduled sports massages can also help reduce inflammation that can lead to injury making it an effective treatment in the prevention of soft-tissue injuries.

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Some kind words from our patients

My treatment at the Ilkley Osteopathic Practice is always transforming. I come in like a wreck and go out physically and mentally 100%. The professionalism and knowledge of the practitioners is second to none!

Lisa Sunderland

A very friendly and professional service. After many months of shoulder problems, two weeks after treatment at this practice relieved me of my discomfort. I always recommend them to friends and family as I know they can usually relieve most aches and pains.

They have helped both my son and husband who have a number of back and leg problems.


I have been coming to the Ilkley Osteopathic Practice for 2 years now, and every time I come, I am met with the kind and welcoming staff and a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

All the Osteopaths are very kind, professional and courteous. I can't recommend this place more!

Gemma Mitchell

I have been a patient of Amos for many years. He has treated various stiff areas giving me much relief and freedom of movement, especially for my neck.

Without this treatment, I would not be able to still be driving. A wonderful service, so helpful to an 88 year-old!

Peter Cussons