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Osteopathy for pregnancy and babies

Help prevent injury and reduce pain

Osteopathy detects, treats and prevents health problems by stretching and massaging muscles and joints. During pregnancy and post pregnancy this is no different. We can help the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth as your body changes and as your baby grows and develops.

Pregnancy and Osteopathy

Supporting you as your body changes

During pregnancy, a woman’s body makes considerable changes to accommodate her growing baby. At the same time, hormonal softening of the ligaments occurs adding pressure on your joints and muscles.

Sometimes this can result in discomfort, particularly in the pelvis which can present as lower back pain, or symphysis pubis dysfunction. Other problems can be mid-back and rib pain.

Osteopathic treatment is a safe and gentle approach to these conditions and consists of deep soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation.

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Post Natal Care

Finding realignment after birth

The postpartum woman is one of the most under treated group of patients for obvious reasons – it tends to be all about the baby and it can be a challenge just to leave the house in the first few weeks.

Looking after a newborn can be very physically demanding as the pregnancy and birth hormones take time to normalise, as well as lifting all the equipment that a baby comes with.

New mothers often suffer from neck and mid back ache from feeding, forearm and wrist pain from carrying the baby and low back pain too.

Osteopaths are very effective at treating these symptoms and can also offer postural and exercise advice.

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Babies and Osteopathy

Specialist care for your baby

Generally all babies cope well with the birth process, but it is still a stimulating process that can become more difficult and complications may occur.

This can result in what osteopaths refer to as a retained pattern of tension through the baby’s head, neck and body. This tension may contribute to an unsettled baby.  Osteopathy for babies can be extremely helpful if the baby is experiencing feeding difficulties – sometimes they simply have a stiff neck.  Osteopathic treatment is often recommended after a tongue tie revision.

Osteopathy offers an extremely gentle manual approach to this, also known as the Cranial technique.

A full case history will be taken, including details about the pregnancy, birth and early life. Then an examination, followed by a diagnosis, explanation and if appropriate – treatment.

Please contact the practice on 01943 817117 if you would like to make an appointment or to speak to an osteopath to discuss if osteopathy is appropriate for your baby or yourself.

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Osteopathy can help reduce pain, restore normal movement, encourage blood flow and improve overall wellbeing.

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Some kind words from our patients

Robbie treated our new-born daughter. The treatment was incredible and Robbie was a great support during those first tough months.

Camilla Keedle

I initially took my infant son to the practice for treatment after a traumatic birth and Robbie was fantastic and really helped. I then went to see her for my sciatica, which I had been struggling with and the relief I got from the treatment was incredible. Robbie is highly knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I always have confidence that whatever back or shoulder problem has arisen, that Robbie will be able to help and get me back to normal function. I have recommended the practice to a number of people over the years who have also been greatly helped by them.

Vicky Flemming

Robbie has helped with our baby daughter’s torticollis.

A very friendly and professional service. After many months of shoulder problems, two weeks after treatment at this practice relieved me of my discomfort. I always recommend them to friends and family as I know they can usually relieve most aches and pains.

They have helped both my son and husband who have a number of back and leg problems.