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The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice

The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice was established in 2001.  The practice partners are Amos Grech-Cini, Robbie Grech-Cini and Louise Judd.  Their focus was to create a centre for professional excellence and superior care where patients come first and foremost.

This philosophy has helped the practice grow from strength to strength, becoming an integral part of the Wharfedale Community. It’s here that we solidified our reputation, developed over many years, for providing the highest quality of Osteopathic care.

Scott White became part of the team in August 2019.

At our dedicated healthcare practice, we treat a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal conditions including spinal complaints, headaches, arthritic conditions and sporting injuries with a focus on detecting, diagnosing and treating the cause of symptoms.

We take pride in our contribution to the healthcare of the Wharfe Valley, treating a wide range of people from a few weeks old to patients into their nineties.

The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice is a modern healthcare clinic with expert healthcare professionals.

Amos Grech-Cini


Amos graduated in 1995 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. He then returned home to Yorkshire and established the Ilkley Osteopathic Practice with his wife, Robbie in 2001. With over 28 years of experience Amos gives lectures in technique to colleagues and students and has set up a mentoring program.

Amos treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions across all age groups and his passion for osteopathy is evident. He is an excellent diagnostician and likes to get to the root of the problem. He also practises Medical Acupuncture within his osteopathic treatment. He is a keen cyclist.

Robbie Grech-Cini


Robbie (Roberta) came to the UK from Zimbabwe to study Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. She set up the Ilkley Osteopathic Practice with her husband Amos in 2001.

She chose Osteopathy as a career because she had been exposed to it from a young age, and had successful treatment for a sporting injury. Robbie has now been in practice for over 20 years and enjoys her job everyday. She loves sharing all that osteopathy can offer her patients – helping them to feel healthy, flexible and reducing their pain.

Robbie enjoys treating all different complaints across the age groups. She also practises Medical Acupuncture within her osteopathic treatment. . She has completed a post graduate course in Cranial Osteopathy. Over the last 15 years she has attended several courses at the London School of Osteopathy for the treatment of babies, toddlers, and the postpartum mother. She treats lots of babies who are experiencing feeding difficulties and have had a tongue tie revision.

Louise Judd


Louise grew up in Hong-Kong and Greece, and came to England in 1995 to study Osteopathy for four years at the British School of Osteopathy.

Graduating in 1999 she moved to West Yorkshire, during which time she gained valuable experience treating a wide cross section of patients in two busy, multi disciplinary practices. In 2004, after a period of travelling, she joined Robbie and Amos as a partner at The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice.

Louise’s own interest in sport led her to look further into a career in Osteopathy, which would encompass working with the human body, but with a holistic and preventative treatment approach, thus enabling the patient to take control of their own body and therefore maintain good health.

Having been in practice over 20 years now, Louise has developed an interest in pre and postnatal care. This has in time, naturally led her to embark on extensive studies in women’s health and she will shortly be including a Women’s Health Coaching Programme to the practice. In particular addressing and supporting women through the complex issues of peri menopause and menopause, helping support and advise women to restore balance and well being in their lives.

Louise also practices scar tissue therapy as well as Medical Acupuncture within her Osteopathic treatments.

Scott White


Scott graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Growing up in Hereford, Scott began working life as a carpenter and joiner, gaining experience both in the UK and Australia and also taught for a number of years. Personal experience with work ailments and an interest in anatomy lead him to pursue osteopathy.

Scott believes that osteopathy is for everyone and thrives on helping people from all walks of life, with diverse ailments, that may be recent or longstanding. Along with focusing on your complaint, Scott adopts a collaborative approach to understand why you are in discomfort, what effect this has on you, and how osteopathy can best improve the quality of life you lead. Scott is also committed to empowering his patients and provides effective self-care advice to complement his treatment. He is expanding his knowledge in the science behind pain. He also practises Medical Acupuncture within his osteopathic treatments.

In his spare time, Scott thrives on an outdoor lifestyle and is often hiking, running or cycling and photography.

If you have any questions or you would like to speak to an osteopath to discuss if osteopathy is appropriate for you please contact us on 01943 817117

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Some kind words from our patients

I have been coming to the Ilkley Osteopathic Practice for 2 years now, and every time I come, I am met with the kind and welcoming staff and a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

All the Osteopaths are very kind, professional and courteous. I can't recommend this place more!

Gemma Mitchell

I have been a patient of Amos for many years. He has treated various stiff areas giving me much relief and freedom of movement, especially for my neck.

Without this treatment, I would not be able to still be driving. A wonderful service, so helpful to an 88 year-old!

Peter Cussons

I have been treated by both Amos and Robbie, and I cannot speak highly enough of their competence and professionalism!

Dorothy Hartley

Amazing, what a difference to the way I feel after marathon training, Could not have done my 1st London Marathon without Robbie.

Liz Tenant

Following a fall, Louise's gentle and accurate manipulation rescued me from terrible acute (on chronic) pain of several months standing and I am immensely grateful to her as life was looking pretty bleak during that time.